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We are focused to reduce your direct maintenance costs, improve the reliability of your equipment and increase your profit.

With the acquisition of FerroECOBlast surface treatment equipment, be confident not only in your purchase, but also in our company that stands behind it.

We are taking our service and support efforts to the same high standards that are set for our products.

Today, the rising cost pressure, growing energy costs and increasingly stringent environmental regulations in all industries make it ever more important, that industrial plants operate at highest productivity and efficiency levels, without unnecessary production downtimes.


You can count on FerroECOBlast to provide ongoing service and support of your surface treatment equipment throughout its life cycle and beyond.

Our objective is to maintain the long term relationship and to become a trustworthy partner when support for different reasons is needed to solve a problem or other issues.

We support our customers with:

  • Sales of spare parts and equipment for personal protection
  • Support regarding the abrasive media
  • Regular maintenance and repair work
  • Training and support of customer's personnel
  • Support regarding the surface treatment processes and equipment parameters

Our service and support services also cover obsolete and discontinued products.

What are the benefits after purchase?

  • Development of new solutions (enhancements) according to customer's growth
  • Reliable after-sales service
  • All spare parts and consumables always on stock
  • 24-hour service to all remote parts of the world (internet connection)
  • 24-hour field service in the radius of approximately 500 km
  • Highly trained and well equipped service team on the field


Please contact our Service & Support department for more information.


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